The Official Rich Kids Poster!

We've chosen the official poster.  Thank you to Creative Allies for working with us to bring this beautiful image to the world.   We are grateful to all the designers who participated in the contest, there were many designs we loved and it was very difficult to settle on just one!

Thank you to Luisf13o for creating the winning design.  We chose this piece because we felt it was a perfect representation of Rich Kids.   The image he chose sums up the themes in the film, and creates an element of danger and emotion that grabs a viewer's interest.  The design is very strong, the title is clear and easy to read.  We love the letter C encircling his face, bringing focus to his longing expression.  We love the lo-fi feeling to the design.  We love how the swimming pool, which is an important element of the story, is still reflected in the design by using the color blue -  a brilliant choice.    The design really pops, whether it’s on a big poster, or a small icon on iTunes.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

RICH KIDS Poster 2 half size.jpg