The Score: we're sharing some with you today!

Our composer Ming Vauz just finished up his work on a gorgeous, moody score for Rich Kids.   Ming came onto the project via our editor Carmen Morrow. Carmen and Ming worked together several years ago when Ming composed the score for Catherine Hardwicke’s film Plush.   Carmen has a gift for music editing and she suggested Ming, feeling he’d bring a fresh and edgy sensibility to the score.  

We've uploaded one of Ming's pieces from the score to our new Youtube channel.  Please give it a listen and give us a comment about how it makes you feel!   

I asked Ming to introduce himself and tell you a little about how he approached composing the music for our film, and this is what he said:

Ming Vauz, composer

Rich Kids is an important film. It's the kind of film that's particularly å propos in this day and age, though it also transcends mere current topicality. It's about, among other things, the human struggle to find one's path in society, about young people's struggle to come of age in an ever increasingly competitive world, where the chips seemed stacked against one in ever more convoluted columns of racial, economic and political prejudice. And it's about relationships, with family, with friends, and between the people that makeup the villages and cities we live in, one's neighbors. It's about life. When editor Carmen Morrow contacted me on behalf of director Laura Somers inquiring whether I'd be interested in scoring this film, once I'd seen the initial cut I knew it was something special. It was a challenge and a great pleasure composing music that would draw out the themes and emotions running throughout this film with as much delicacy and sophistication as I could muster.

It was the relationships between characters that inspired me to write musical themes that I hope help to elucidate the subtleties and emotions the audience will perceive as the film progresses. The emotional landscape of the film, like life, spans the full spectrum of human experience. It's full of sometimes paradoxical feelings not easily expressed in simple one-dimensional themes. I just let the fullness of emotion after encountering each scene wash over me, and then searched for the right instrumentation that evoked those same feelings upon hearing it. Once I heard the right voice the melody or progression started to flow, and the themes for each relationship became apparent. Laura came by during the process a few times and was very helpful in letting me know when I was on the right track. She's a very talented and insightful artist and the depth of her vision is apparent in this film, I only hope I did justice to the score and matched the depth of her characters and their poignant journey onscreen. I know you will find Rich Kids every bit as thought provoking and as entertaining as I did.