RIP, Mark

I am so sad to announce that stunt coordinator Mark Chavarria has passed away after a long battle with colorectal cancer.   Mark was a legend in the Houston film community, throughout his career he would travel the world to work with the greatest directors and actors, but he always returned home to help out Houston productions and mentor aspiring filmmakers.

I’ll never forget the feeling of how safe he made me feel, and how much enjoyment he got from creating that space for me to direct without worrying about our team and neighbor’s safety as he drove us high speed around the streets of South Houston.   Everyone on our team was exhilarated the night we shot the car chase and he was the one who made it happen. Safety was his super power and he traveled around the world sharing it with everyone he came into contact with. He showed so much compassion while working with our team, we were just a bunch of scrappy low budget filmmakers running on not much more than passion and ambition. He treated us with the same care as he did any of the big budget action films he worked on.

Mark exemplified courage in everything he did, whether it was driving in high-speed car chases for the movies or facing cancer with grace and inspiring others to beat this terrible disease. So many people are alive and healthy today because of him. He never stopped helping people until the very end of his life.   It’s very hard to lose someone this special. We’re here if you want to talk.