Rich Kids is FINISHED!

912 days.  That’s how far we’ve come.

I’m happy to announce Rich Kids is officially completed.

912 days to get to this point.  I can’t believe it.   We did it.

(big sigh of relief.)


You didn’t think we were going to take a break, now did you? 

On to the next phase – sharing it with the world.


First off, a few exciting announcements:

1. We’ve partnered with an amazing branding company called Creative Allies and TODAY they’ve launched a poster design campaign to help us discover our official Rich Kids movie poster!  For the next 30 days, artists from around the world will submit their designs to the Creative Allieswebsite.  We’ll include you in the voting process, and if you want, you can submit your own design for consideration!    


2.  We’ve got our official trailer for the film, and we’re doing a soft launch of it on the Creative Allies website, so hop on over here and check it out!

3.  For the first stop on our THANK YOU tour, we’re coming to Houston on March 24th for a special private screening for you - our contributors who contributed at that rewards level, and our cast and crew.  Invitations will be sent out early next week.  This is not for the general public.  Mark your calendars, and we hope to see some of you there!