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We're excited to announce that Rich Kids is heading to four festivals between July 31 - and August 26th!    

First up is the Woods Hole Film Festival set in idyllic Cape Cod, MA.  We'll be screening there on July 31st, at 5pm.   Very excited to go to this one not just for the beautiful scenery and the die hard film fans, but we can't wait to meet some of our fellow filmmakers to network and connect with this wonderful community.  Director/co-writer Laura Somers and Producer Eddie Rodriguez will be in attendance.

The we're off to Columbus, OH for The Film Festival of Columbus.   We've had many requests to come to Ohio by fans and film societies, so we're excited that we landed this festival at the beautiful Gateway Film Center, where they really know how to celebrate independent films in a beautiful theater and place a large emphasis on film education and exchange of ideas!  Director/co-writer Laura Somers will be in attendance.

After that it's back to Texas for the Women Texas Film Festival in Dallas, TX.  This festival celebrates films led by women and has so much heart and dedication.   We'll be screening on August 18th.  Expect to see many of our cast and crew members at this one, including co-writer David Saldaña who is flying in from Los Angeles!   

And last but certainly not least, we finish out August with the very prestigious New York Latino Film Festival presented by HBO.   This will be the first time our entire cast, some of our crew, and our Director of Photography, Eun-ah Lee, will be at the screening for the Q&A.   We're all very excited to travel to New York together for the premiere urban film festival in the U.S.  It's gonna be one hell of a party!

Get your tickets NOW at the above links or you can find out more info on our SCREENINGS page!


Houston Latino Film Festival!

Hard to believe it's been over a month since Rich Kids World Premiered at the Houston Latino Film festival! Again, we'd like to give a big thanks to the organizers and crew-- all of whom were great, hospitable, and kind. Big shout out to Pedro Rivas for discussing the film on Houston Public Media and KHOU.

To a say it was a tremendous experience would be an understatement. For the actors and crew, the festival screening was their first time ever viewing the film. For Laura and the production team, it was our first time watching the movie with a full audience in a theater.  So many emotions! It validated all the hard work that had been put in by all those who soldiered on so diligently during all stages of the process. Also, the premiere ushered in the next phase of the project-- getting Rich Kids out into the world!

The screening was followed by an audience Q&A and discussion which focused on the realization of the project, how we got such wonderful actors, and the representation of Latinos in film today.

Again, thanks to all involved. We look forward at bringing Rich Kids back to Texas in the near future.

RK Houston Latino Fest Group Shot.jpg

The Official Rich Kids Poster!

We've chosen the official poster.  Thank you to Creative Allies for working with us to bring this beautiful image to the world.   We are grateful to all the designers who participated in the contest, there were many designs we loved and it was very difficult to settle on just one!

Thank you to Luisf13o for creating the winning design.  We chose this piece because we felt it was a perfect representation of Rich Kids.   The image he chose sums up the themes in the film, and creates an element of danger and emotion that grabs a viewer's interest.  The design is very strong, the title is clear and easy to read.  We love the letter C encircling his face, bringing focus to his longing expression.  We love the lo-fi feeling to the design.  We love how the swimming pool, which is an important element of the story, is still reflected in the design by using the color blue -  a brilliant choice.    The design really pops, whether it’s on a big poster, or a small icon on iTunes.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

RICH KIDS Poster 2 half size.jpg